Monday, June 16, 2014

In the Geelong Advertiser again!!

I didn't know at the time but the Geelong addy put another photo of me and my work in the newspaper on Saturday the day of the Doll show. Kind of explains why so many people kept coming up and telling me how they saw me in the paper today and just had to come down to meet me and the fairies!

Geelong Doll Teddy and Craft Show

My Table at the Geelong Doll Teddy and Craft Show on Saturday. It was a great day to be inside.. and away from the cold wind and all the rain! I met quite a lot of lovely people and two very lovely Ladies from the Reborn's & Collector Dolls Victoria Doll Show who kindly asked if I would come along to their show in August as a special guest!

Pocket watches!!

My pocket watches arrived the other day!!  They have all had their insides removed and are now just waiting to have some squashed pixies sculpted in them!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Page 3 of The Geelong Advertiser!!

In todays Geelong Advertiser, pg 3!!
The article was for the Geelong Doll Teddy and Craft show which is on this Saturday at The Geelong West Town Hall.

Got a call yesterday from one of the Ladies from the Geelong Doll teddy and Craft show  asking if the geelong addy could come over and take some photos of me and my work for their article on the Doll Show. This will be the second time my work has made it into the addy for the Geelong Doll show!

There was just a bit of a mad clean up before the photographer arrived to get the studio presentable as I do seem to be a bit of a messy worker!!

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