Monday, May 26, 2014

WIP ~ All Dressed!

Well she is all dressed now and just waiting on her hair. I have a lovely soft green fur that is perfect for her, but that will be a job for tomorrow..! 


  1. oh Wow I am absolutely In Love with this little piglet - will you be selling him - What absolutely Awesome work! TiGGy is a little 11cm Fairy and WoW this little one would make such a great friend for her! Beautiful work! :)

    1. Hello and thank you! heheh her nose really is quite bulbous but she is a one of my little Pixies, not a piglet :) This little one and the little 4 inch boy pixie will either be sold on my etsy shop or maybe? used as a giveaway prize on my Facebook page? :D

  2. Oh Boy am I Ever in Trouble w/ TiGGy! I am sorry to have mixinterpolated species there in my excitement - Your little Pixie girl is AmaZing and I do hope you will forgive me - and let TiGGy make up to her in Person ;)


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