Tuesday, December 31, 2013

At Years End ~ Seasons Fairies for 2013

For the past two weeks I have been working almost non-stop on these four ladies, my Seasons Fairies for 2013. I finished them only two hours ago and I feel like I am about to fall off my chair..! 

From left to right. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.
all are about 12" tall

At Years End ~ Seashore Troll

A commission piece I made for one of my collectors. She was such a delight to create! 

Ulmarra the Seashore Troll
7.5" sitting  (full height 13") 

At Years End ~ A Christmas Angel for Barwon Park

The Christmas Angel Tree Topper I made for Barwon Park Mansion our local National Trust property.

The old Christmas tree was falling to pieces (literally) held together with bits of tinsel. In December last year I offered to make a OOAK Angel for the Park if they got a new Christmas tree, after a bit of a slow start the money was raised and the new tree purchased! 

...and now this lovely lady sits on top of the Mansions brand new 8ft Christmas tree in the entry hall. 

At Years End ~ The Underlyns

Yes they are both finally finished, eyelashes, finishing touches and they even have names!

Marchioness Vysdenna

Countess Ashyven

At Years End ~ The Wing Walker.

Ok.... to say its been quite busy at Nightswood for the past two months is an understatement.... and the past two weeks have been a mad rush to the end!

The Wing Walker.
This is a commission piece I made back in October, a Christmas gift and a companion piece to The Ways of the Shaman that I made last year.    

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