Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here be (Fairy) Dragons!!

It has been some time now since I have created any of my little Fairy Dragons. These little ones have been  sitting on my desk waiting to be finished for quite some time now.. Finally they are finished! oh well.. I guess, all good things come to those who wait... and wait... and ..


Monday, August 26, 2013

Necklaces, earrings and Hair pins

Some new little mushroom and Hagstone/Troll Stone Pendants and earrings I have been making! So very very cute!

Trying something a bit different with my Fairy wings..!!


Underlyns WIP

 Only her wings left! After almost a month of pondering I finally decided on the look I wanted. My Underlyns will have Silk wings. They will be a bit different in the way I normally do fairy wings …
My silk paper arrived in the mail the other day! so very happy! I can now start work on her ‘wings’

I have been playing with Fabrics and dyes for this Underlyn. I added a red to the bottom of some grey chiffon to tie the skirt in with her stockings.. 


Well now he is finally finished! - Figgs, a Young Troll

This little guy was started back at the beginning of August. I made him while giving a one on one class on making a Pixie Art doll. So ok... he is not a Pixie but a Troll.. you cant really hold that against him!

I am hoping to take him out to Forrest this weekend, that is if it doesn't rain.. and get some really nice photos of him. Once that is all done, this little chap will be going up on Etsy.




I really do love making mushrooms! 
The little baskets and half barrels have been sitting in my studio for about.. 2 years now? I thought it was well and truly time they got used and they really do look wonderful with my mushrooms in them! 
The two little terracotta pots come from France, quite rustic looking. I knew when I brought them they were destined for some of my shrooms also.

They will all be going up on my Etsy shop during the week.


A bit of sewing.

It has been some time now since I have been able to sit down and do a bit of sewing for myself. I much prefer to make my own cloths as the current 'fashion' is.. well lets just say its not very good.  

I have had some of these fabrics for a while now and decided it was time to create something!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dollmaking Class - August 2013

It has been a magic filled weekend in the Realms of Nightswood! We (me and all the Fairies & Pixies) had a 2 day one on one class with a good friend! 
It is always such a joy watching them come to life and seeing their unique personalities develop!
From lumps of clay to funny looking stick figures to fully fleshed out bundles of mischief !!

Class Photo

Bronwyn's little Chap
 This gorgeous fella is quite the little Lordling. You have just got to love the hair!!!!

My little Troll
Well my little Troll is now ready for his final touches! Some moss, mushrooms and a few hagstones and he will be complete! ..... guess I better get back to work!!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Midsummer Revellers

My Midsummer Revellers piece. Created for the IADR  'Midsummer' Show July 2013
My original idea for this piece was to have her playing to the fairies at Midsummer... but it seemed that the Fay had other ideas!!

Midsummer Revellers
A young woman playing a set of pipes at the Midsummer festival completely unaware of her fairy audience.

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