Thursday, April 4, 2013

WIP ~ Queen of the Bees Fairy

Currently sitting in my  studio..

This is a commission piece I am making for one of my collectors. A Queen of the Bees Fairy sitting on a branch over looking her kingdom.

Right now I am working on the branch the Queen will be sitting on. I have used Magic Sculp to give the branch some strength and am now sculpting over it with Fimo Paper clay. Quite a slow process as I have to wait for the clay to dry before I move on to the next section of the branch..

Once finished the branch will be in full bloom. I am going to use white 1inch mulberry cherry blossoms. Since they are still on their way here I decided to play around with my pink blossoms, I have turned them into a small branch just to see how they might look. Very very happy!

I wanted to give this Fairy Queen metallic golden eyes. I finally found the Metallic silver paper I needed but now I have to wait for the mini hole punches to arrive....!! Ok since I am not a very patient person I have been playing around with other alternatives, this one I quite like.
The eyes are make in the same way and with the same materials I always use but this time I added a touch of Lumiere paint. They now sparkle when the light touches them!


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