Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WIP ~ Blossoming Branch Base and eyes

The Branch is pretty much finished.. for now.. Once the fairy is ready I will be able to add the final little branch at the back and seal the whole piece! 

The eyes are ready.. now on to sculpting the Fairy Queen!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Underlyn!

Another Underlyn Fairy in the studio. 

I decided to make up a new skin tone for these Fairies, it's quite a lot lighter then I normally use but I think it works rather well.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Underlyn

A bit of a work in progress.  An Underlyn Fairy.


WIP ~ Blossoming Branch

The final base coat of paint is dry! Now time to play with the flower arrangement!

The small blossom branches are all twisted together now (all except the two that will be placed at the Fairy Queens back) All that is left now is to finish off the blossom branches and add the highlights to the whole piece. The branch itself will be lighter once finished. Then it will be all ready for the Queen of the Bees!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

WIP ~ Queen of the Bees Fairy

Currently sitting in my  studio..

This is a commission piece I am making for one of my collectors. A Queen of the Bees Fairy sitting on a branch over looking her kingdom.

Right now I am working on the branch the Queen will be sitting on. I have used Magic Sculp to give the branch some strength and am now sculpting over it with Fimo Paper clay. Quite a slow process as I have to wait for the clay to dry before I move on to the next section of the branch..

Once finished the branch will be in full bloom. I am going to use white 1inch mulberry cherry blossoms. Since they are still on their way here I decided to play around with my pink blossoms, I have turned them into a small branch just to see how they might look. Very very happy!

I wanted to give this Fairy Queen metallic golden eyes. I finally found the Metallic silver paper I needed but now I have to wait for the mini hole punches to arrive....!! Ok since I am not a very patient person I have been playing around with other alternatives, this one I quite like.
The eyes are make in the same way and with the same materials I always use but this time I added a touch of Lumiere paint. They now sparkle when the light touches them!

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