Monday, February 25, 2013

MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!!! and a Troll Stone Pendant!!

A few of my new little Miniature Mushroom Pendants as well as a Miniature Troll standing stone Pendant.

They are now on Etsy


New Fairy wing and Mermaid tail Necklaces

Well these necklaces have been sitting around half finished for about a month now! I finally sat now (this morning!) and finished them off! I absolutely love the little flowers on both the Fairy wing pendants! They add such a magical touch!!

All three can be found on my ebay


New Fairy wings on ebay

New Fairy art doll wings on ebay!
I will not be making quite so many wings for ebay/etsy any more as I will be spending more time in my studio creating my art dolls.. There will still be a few going up every now and then but not to the extent that there was.

Mushroom, Fairy wings and Pendants !

I have spent the past week in my studio finishing off all my little commissions as well as all the bits (mushrooms, fairy wings and pendants !) that I put on hold so I could finish my Mirru and Heart for the Doll show in QLD.
Now that I have them all finished and out of the way I can start working on my new little Pixies!!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Northside Doll Show

Well now.. I have been home for a few days now. We flew back in late Sunday night and I have been catching up on all the work that I put on hold before the Show.  I think I am starting to get back on track!

As for the Show!! My Mirru got a Blue ribbon and My Queen of the Heart of the World got a Blue ribbon a Medallion and a Rosette!
I picked up a few little bits at the trade tables and met some absolutely lovely ladies!

It was a great weekend but its good to be home again!


Friday, February 8, 2013

Mirru my Ancient Troll almost finished

Quite close to finishing my Ancient troll. I have just finished adding all the moss, branches, twigs, mushrooms, and stones to his back. Rather happy with how its all looking!!

Just a bit more work and he will be finished!



The Heart of the world fairy.

Still a bit of work left to do.. but she is almost finished!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Crown of Branches and the Heart

She is only lightly blushed and no eyelashes just yet.. but I really love this colour on her.

I wanted my Fairy Queen to be wearing a crown of branches but sadly a traditional style crown didn't look all that good on her.. so I made up a new set of branches to replace the ones I used to make the first crown... I have been thinking of making her crown from branches growing up from under her hair twisting together to form the crown.

The first crown will be finished when I have the time, you never know it might be the missing piece to a future fairy!?


WIP ~ Part 4 An Ancient Troll and the Heart of the World.

Mirru my Ancient Troll. All dressed and finally up to adding his moss and mushrooms.. and hagstones.. and knots ... and branches... and braids.. and hair and so on...

 My fairy Queen is now waiting to be wigged. Light strawberry blond hair with a crown of branches..

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