Thursday, January 24, 2013

WIP ~ Part 3 Playing with fabrics. An Ancient Troll and the Heart of the World.

Playing around with fabrics and dyes, and how I want the costumes to look..

I found this lovely knit fabric about 6 months ago. I thought I would use it on a Winter Queen but it fits so well with the soft look I want for my Heart.. so it will be hers.
The silk fabric underneath is actually a hand dyed silk scarf by Sue Jurd  This will be the second time I have used one of her beautiful scarves in the art doll costumes. They give such a stunning effect. I truly love them.

Yesterday was a day for bleaching and dyeing. Today might be a bit of the same....
These are the fabrics I want to use for my Ancient Trolls costume. They have all been bleached (only slightly) and then dyed with a light wash of brown to dull down the brightness of the colours. They will more then likely get another light brown wash before the end.


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