Saturday, January 19, 2013

WIP ~ Part 2 An Ancient Troll and the Heart of the World.

The Ancient Troll is all blushed and ready for costuming and wigging. I have started sculpting the tiny  mushrooms that will be growing from the moss on his back as well as making little branches and bits of roots.

The Heart is half blushed. I will be adding more to her much later when I have her almost fully dressed. I have started work on her branches as well as sketching out ideas for her crown.



  1. An absolutly amazing work! I really love this troll! I hope you show a lot more picture. I can´t wait to see how they look when they are finished!
    Greets from the other side of the worls
    PS: Sorry for my very bad English...

    1. Thank you so much!! and not to worry, there will definitely be more photos coming as they progress.

  2. Inspiring work,I hope to emulate ,.........xx


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