Friday, January 11, 2013

WIP ~ An Ancient Troll and the Heart of the World.

Sitting on my studio table..

The Troll I began sculpting at the very end of last year, he will be bigger then my normal Trolls, even a bit  bigger then my Gringol Mugburrow I think. His ears, fingers and toes will all be poseable.
Currently he is waiting to be blushed.
Ancient Troll
 This lady is somewhere between a Fairy a Troll and a dryad. She has a back like my Troll maiden and one hand like my dryads, not quite sure on how her wings will look at this point...maybe something tattered? wispy? ...  Right now I am up to sculpting her legs then I will start blushing her along with my Troll...
The Queen of the Heart of the World
I have also made a new little stamp for my work. The Ancient Troll is the last Art doll to bear my old mark. Sad to see it go..


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