Friday, January 25, 2013

WIP ~ Part 3.1 Playing with fabrics. An Ancient Troll

Playing with the fabrics again, this time with my Ancient Troll.  Just trying to get an idea on how he might look when finished. 


Thursday, January 24, 2013

WIP ~ Part 3 Playing with fabrics. An Ancient Troll and the Heart of the World.

Playing around with fabrics and dyes, and how I want the costumes to look..

I found this lovely knit fabric about 6 months ago. I thought I would use it on a Winter Queen but it fits so well with the soft look I want for my Heart.. so it will be hers.
The silk fabric underneath is actually a hand dyed silk scarf by Sue Jurd  This will be the second time I have used one of her beautiful scarves in the art doll costumes. They give such a stunning effect. I truly love them.

Yesterday was a day for bleaching and dyeing. Today might be a bit of the same....
These are the fabrics I want to use for my Ancient Trolls costume. They have all been bleached (only slightly) and then dyed with a light wash of brown to dull down the brightness of the colours. They will more then likely get another light brown wash before the end.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

WIP ~ Part 2 An Ancient Troll and the Heart of the World.

The Ancient Troll is all blushed and ready for costuming and wigging. I have started sculpting the tiny  mushrooms that will be growing from the moss on his back as well as making little branches and bits of roots.

The Heart is half blushed. I will be adding more to her much later when I have her almost fully dressed. I have started work on her branches as well as sketching out ideas for her crown.


Friday, January 11, 2013

WIP ~ An Ancient Troll and the Heart of the World.

Sitting on my studio table..

The Troll I began sculpting at the very end of last year, he will be bigger then my normal Trolls, even a bit  bigger then my Gringol Mugburrow I think. His ears, fingers and toes will all be poseable.
Currently he is waiting to be blushed.
Ancient Troll
 This lady is somewhere between a Fairy a Troll and a dryad. She has a back like my Troll maiden and one hand like my dryads, not quite sure on how her wings will look at this point...maybe something tattered? wispy? ...  Right now I am up to sculpting her legs then I will start blushing her along with my Troll...
The Queen of the Heart of the World
I have also made a new little stamp for my work. The Ancient Troll is the last Art doll to bear my old mark. Sad to see it go..

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