Sunday, November 25, 2012

WIP Dark wood Troll Maiden

My Dark wood Troll Maiden is going to be my piece for the IADR Gothic Show. She is coming together slowly. I am currently working on her sleeves, they will be made up of individual leaves of the same silk as her dress and under skirt. Then I will start on her hair, I am going to use a dark auburn to match her under skirt, she will also have branches in her hair. 
I might add more touches to her skin once she is dressed and wigged.... not sure at this point...

Hand made branched growing from her back.
Each branch can be bent and twisted to any position.

Arranging the Silk under skirt


Autumn Troll 2012

Well the year is (not so slowly) coming to an end, so I really need to get busy!!
 I have stopped taking custom orders for art doll wings and there will more then likely not be any new ones up till Jan next year... Time to get to work and finish off my Dark wood and seasons Trolls so thats 4 dolls in what? 5 weeks? Thankfully Autumn is finished and my Dark wood Troll Maiden is almost finished, the other 3 Trolls are all sculpted. So I just need to costume and wig them...

My Autumn Troll for 2012 



Monday, November 12, 2012

Nightswood Doll Making Class - Nov 2012

After so many requests... Nov 10 -11 was the very first doll making class/workshop at Nightswood.
Two days of mischief and quite a lot of lollies!!! It was a wonderful weekend and I am so very proud of my students and their new little friends! 

Class Photo

My little chap playing dress up in 'his' new scarf!! .... looks quite a lot like my new scarf.. but .. anyway..

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