Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WIP ~ A Troll for each season!

Along side the private commission (and everything else) I have been working on my Seasons fairies.. which this year are Trolls!!





More to come soon!!


The month that was.. October.. Pendants and ACEO Cards

Little Fairy wing Pendants by Nightswood. Something a little bit fun and new to make.
My Pendants are available in my etsy shop.

Something else thats a bit fun and new for Nightswood, ACEO cards.

More cards can be found here..  


The month that was.. October.. Fairy Dragons with eggs!

Nesting Dragons!! Such sweet little ones, all curled up with their eggs awaiting for the day they hatch!

 The Golden Blossom Fairy Dragon. She is finally finished!
Lounging on curled tree roots, this little fairy dragon watches as tiny flowers bloom around her.


The month that was.. October.. + The Goblin Queen.

  Time flies!!!!....
Well now, October has been quite a busy month around here. Between working on a private commission, fairy dragons, new pendants, aceo cards, Trolls (four of them) and a goblin queen costume.... I have had very little time to spare....

My Goblin Queen. For the Trick or Treat Kidz Fest at Barwon Park Mansion.
Talk about leaving things to the very last minute.. There was more then a few late nights sewing (and a bit of late night sculpting for the mask) It was all worth it in the end.. well at least I think it was :)

It was inspired by Lamia's green dress from the movie Stardust.

Goblin Queen Mask & Wings WIP

Everything except the hair was made by myself. The Elflocks were from Woodland Wild

Me as the Goblin Queen

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