Monday, August 27, 2012


4mm iris Nightswood Doll eye
Something different.

I usually use a UV gloss when I am making my doll eyes, they come out quite striking and very distinct.
I made this one with liquid polymer, it gives the eye a much gentler look.


Monday, August 6, 2012

WIP Treeroot Pixies

Working on 3 new pixies. I finished dressing the 2 little guys last night and am about to start work on the the big feller!

All dressed up!

WIP - Miniature Fairy Dragons

Almost finished my new lot of miniature fairy dragons! They just need a bit of embellishments (glitter and a touch more pearl powder) and not to forget their fairy wings!!!!!!!


Huldra - Raywyn

She is my piece for the IADR Mythology Show

The Huldra (Forest wife/woman) is a dangerous Seductress who lives in the forest. The young and beautiful Huldra is moody and dangerous, but when she becomes old and ugly, she also becomes gentle and caring.

WIP - Playing with the fabric and hair
Finished OOAK Art Doll - Raywyn

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