Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bits and pieces from the past few weeks

The Golden Plains Arts trail was quite interesting and a lot of fun! I don't think any expected to see Art Dolls.
I only had two rude individuals for the whole weekend, so not to bad. One just came to look at the work and kept saying they are 'just dolls' and the other was one of the Artists that I was displaying with, she did not like me or my work at all, she would smile to my face and tell the others 'that's not Art'. lol
I was the first sale of the weekend out of the Artists I was in with. My little Badrag found a new home, and one of my pendants is now off somewhere with a new bearer.

My little corner at the Golden Plains Arts Trail
Finally able to relax and put my Studio back in order ( it was such a mess!!) I came down with the flu, my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton wool... This lasted for 2 weeks.. But (touch wood) I am now on the mend.

So on to shopping!
         for my dolls that is..

At Lily Pond in Geelong I found some more pot toppers. These ones are a bit different to the other 'grass' pot toppers I have. They are more mossy. Well look magnificent on my Trolls!!
Pot toppers
We also did a little trip to Leffler in Melbourne. My leather scraps were getting a bit low. I found some nice soft leather in greens and browns. Perfect for Treeroot Pixie clothing and corsets for Fairies. 

 One more stop before we left the city. Silk World, I had never been there.. well I had been to the Silk Gallery (before it closed) which was a part of Silk world but.... anyway..
I dug through there off-cuts and came home with some lovely pieces of fabric.

So now to work...



  1. I went and checked out the Golden Plains Arts Trail and thought your work was AMAZING! I've never seen anything like it. Keep up the fantastic work :)


    1. Thanks so much Meagan! The Fay have me firmly in their grasp so I can guarantee they will never stop coming!


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