Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nightswood Troll ~ Gringol Mugburrow

Not all Trolls are brutish and frightening, Gringol is proof of that. He loves nothing more then to sit and watch the pixies and fairys play and dance with each other. He is good-natures and quite naive, so much so that the fairies must shoo him away underground before the sun rises and he turns to stone

Work in progress~Costume 
There was just so many little things to add, bits of frayed fabric, leather ties, hagstones and some paint to muck him up... and not to forget all the moss.It all came together in the end

More pics at http://www.nightswood.com/GringolMugburrow.html


Badrag ~ Fallenroot pixie

Badrag A nasty little Fallenroot pixie (as most are) He skulks around the Shadows of Nightswood looking for little thing to swipe. It doesn't matter what, from bits of old string to coins,  rotten food scraps to tiny gems as long as he can carry it, its gone!!

Works in Progress ~ a pixie and a troll

New work in progress pics.
The little Fallenroot pixie is all finished, he is currently getting a long lecture from Lithlyn and doesn't seem to happy about it..  
I am still working on the troll he is almost done, just have the last finishing touched to add!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ribbon-jointed Teddy bear - Sweet Valentine

My very first sculpted ribbon-jointed Teddy bear. 
I have so much coloured Sculpey in my studio that I no-longer use, so last weekend I decided something had to be done, the little lots of clay had been sitting there for over 6 months..unwanted.. unused.. but not forgotten!

Just put the finishing touched on late last night. Such a sweet little one, the first of many ribbon-jointed bears. 
I was going to post her to ebay this afternoon. I was actually in the middle of creating her listing when a lady who came round to pick up 4 of my little pixies decided to buy her too.

Guess I have some more work to do!!

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