Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentines Fairy

Not everything goes to plan, This Valentines Fay was going to be all pink and red roses.
Yes well, nice idea but..

I was out of luck when I went looking for a pink rose patterned material, I did find a few nice flower patterns but just not in pink!! I ended up with a green and maroon flower pattern, so her corset changed from a deep red to a rose/gold. The colours went together quite well (if not to plan)

I always make large eyes for my dolls, but for this one I made the eyes smaller then usually (around the right size). I also made a skill cap for her hair. I always have a bit of trouble styling the hair (the doll keeps getting in the way) making the skull cap made it a lot easier, quite a lot.

Drubben Bambleroot

This sweet little guy was at first going to be holding a cookbook, then a small cake.. but in the end he seemed to be more interested in his own toes!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

'Vidara' Steampunk inspired Art Doll



'Vidara' WIP Steampunk inspired Art Doll

My (very old) computer decided to stop working last Friday... While it was in the shop getting fixed I spent some (pretty much all) of my time working on my Strampunk inspired art doll, I really wanted to get this one finished. I hate leaving almost finished art doll sitting around my studio!

The best thing about this doll is that I remembered to take work in progress photos!! so...


3 New Dolls off to IDEX

My 3 dolls for IDEX . They were posted out to the registry's 'Postmaster' on the 9th January. They have arrived safely and are now awaiting IDEX!




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