Saturday, October 22, 2011

Luna Fay - Moonshade

All painted, blushed, wigged and winged.
There are quite a lot of Fairies sitting on moons out there, and most I have seen are sitting on a waning moon and all in white....
My little Moonshade sleeps on a waxing moon, nestled in the branches of an Oak tree.

A Tiny wood Pixie's face can just be seen above the grass.


Winter Fay 2011

My little Winter Fay is finally Finished!! !!
She has been sculpted in 2 parts, The fay is attached to the tree base by a brass rod that goes down her left leg.  She was going to have TLS wings .. . . but instead has Angelina Fiber wings, they were a pair I had made for ebay. . .. but they just looked so perfect on her I had to keep them..



Chaste - Pin Up art doll

My finished art doll for the International Art Doll Registry Pin Up Show. Very very Pink....... This was my first attempt at sculpting clothing, I am not to sure weather I like sculpting the clothing but it did turn out quite well.


More photos of Chaste can be found at
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