Saturday, August 20, 2011

Autumn Fay 2011

Well it has been a long time coming, my little Autumn Fay... She is finally Finished!!
I put the final finishing touches on her late last night.. and am quite pleased with how she has turned out.
I seem to be starting new piece before I have finished the last at the moment, I have a little treeroot pixie waiting to be clothed as well as a new (trial) ball jointed doll in the making and my winter fay....

Anyway.... My Autumn Fay for 2011.


The Keeper's Fable ~ more photos


The Move!

So the move went quite well. Took us about 5 days to get all our stuff over.. My aunt and uncle came down with their tandem trailer to help us move all the heavy furniture.. My sister and her husband came down to give us a hand as well.. Thankfully we were only moving up the street!

We are now settled into the new house. Its light and bright, quite a change from the old place. It amazes me just how warm this place is.

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