Monday, June 13, 2011

Two new pixies - Samkin and Turgool !!

Just finished these two little ones off today!!

Samkin loves nothing more then to play with the wild Fay of Nightswood, so much so, that he have been given his very own 'wild wings' by The Earthen Fay herself. Samkin can not fly as high as his wild Fay friends, or as fast, but he is quite proud of his Fay wings.. even if they do tire him out.. .

Turgool is a charming little pixie who lives at the edge of the Ashen Fens, just south of the heart of Nightswood. He spends his days gathering rare herbs and chatting to the (often strange) fen creatures.
Tea and sweets await any who wander south to visit this little fellow.

These two are currently up on ebay.



  1. Love these ones!!

    Are they already sold?

  2. Hi Fuego, my little Samkin has sold but Turgool is still available.


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