Monday, June 6, 2011

The Goblin Ball

It has been a while since I posted. I have been so busy of late, running around making custom wings for people and my ebay ones on top of that. I have also just finished off 2 little felt bears and not to forget my entry for the IADR's May Show.

The Goblin Ball
By Ksheyna Nightswood

She was inspired by the ballroom scene from The Labyrinth.
I had quite a lot of fun with this one. I spent all of May designing her, and most of June was finding the right materials. The mask is one of my favourite parts to this doll ( that and the little goblin), it started out as a flat piece of foil, shaped then cut down to size. (I plan on making a few life-size masks to go on my wall based on this one.)
The hardest parts... those eyelashes. I lost a few... more then a few, one moment they were there the next gone!! The most enlightening part was her hair, I usually keep my dolls hair simple and sweet, but not this one, simple and sweet would have been far to out of place. I found a YouTube video 'Labyrinth Ballroom Scene Hair' which was stunning, there was no way I could have done it with out it.


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  1. Wow. I love this. I absolutely love the movie "Labyrinth", and this has to be one of my favorite dolls that you've done so far. This one and the steampunk one I saw on Etsy top my list!


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