Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Nightswood Organza Wings

So many things to do.. and so little time..
.. wings... website... blog... dolls... bookkeeping.. cleaning.. cooking.. and all sorts of family business..

I have been playing around with a new style of wings.  I love my Silk wings, but they can be so fiddly to make, and so time consuming. So I began to play around with some Organza fabric and ended up with (as far as I am concerned) an absolutely stunning pair of wings.

Sheer, so very fine, delicate and graceful. This is what I have wanted from the very beginning and it has been right under my nose the whole time.

Almost a month ago now, I mentioned that I was having a go at making dragon / bat wings.  I didn't want flat wings, like the ones made from transparent film that looked good but dont sit properly.  I wanted wings that you could wrap around an art doll, bend the way they are ment to, bring life to the sculpt, not sit there like.. well.. cut out wings.  I know some people like that sort of stuff, but not me.  I will always make the 'sitff' transparent film wings that most people seem to love.. but this, this is what I love, these are the wings for me.

 Nine sets of wings are up on ebay. I think I went a little overboard, I know two little pixies who think so, well pixie heads, I have yet to sculpt the rest of them, but that is tomorrows job.

X large Art Doll Wings. A little while ago I was contacted about making a custom pair of large wings.  I made two up for the customer to chose from and this is the pair I have left. About 20cm from one end to the other.


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