Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jubil the Jester and his array of Wings

Jubil is my ninth needle Felted Teddy Bear, brightly coloured and cheery. This little one came about while I was researching costumes for the IADR Masquerade Show, I came across some medieval jesters and just could not get the picture of my little Bear out of my head.

Jubil 'the Jester'

An array of wings, once again trying something new, the first two wings are backed in organza, this gives them an slight opaque look as well as a sparkle. The middle wings are made from Vellum, with the colours I used they almost look as if they are made from water.

Jubil and the wings are currently up for sale on ebay.

New Dolls - Snug Swift & Borumm-Bottom

Sculpting these two was quite interesting, to say the least. I had to stop working on them not long after I had finished (as far as I thought) sculpting the heads. Snug’s came out very well, sweet, innocent and cute, but when I was working on Borumm-Bottom… my head begin to ache, I just could not look at him, when I did my head got worse… needless to say he was unhappy about something.. I finally got back to work on him and several more hours of sculpting later, he was happy..

Snug Swift

Snug Swift is the official (self-appointed) Snaggle-poker of Elura the Earthen Fay. With his ever faithful teddy bear Benard in hand, Snug follows his big brother Snaggle Swift around Nightswood as he delivers his (not so urgent) messages for the Earthen Fay. Whenever Snaggle gets sidetracked by the flowers and wanders from the path, Snug is there, ready to ‘poke’ his brother back in the right direction.

Snug’s outfit is made of cotton and felt, his hair/fur made from faux fur, and his feet are wrapped in real leather. He has been blushed with Acrylic paints and dry chalks.
Snug is roughly 4inches tall.

Benard is a OOAK hand needle felted Nightswood Teddy Bear, he is made from a mix or raw and merino wool


Borumm-Bottom an offensive little Fallenroot pixie, who loves nothing more then to stand underfoot (right where you cant see him!!) and fling around insulting and rude comments to anyone within earshot. In the event he asks you over to take a look at something, don’t !!!!

Borumm’s outfit is made of stretch cottons, suede like fabric and cord, his hair/fur made from faux fur, and his hat and tail wrap are made from real ostrich leather. He has been blushed with Acrylic paints and dry chalks.
Borumm is roughly 7inches tall.

It has been quite a long time since I have put a doll up for sale.
Snug and Borumm are both up on ebay.

Under Armature

On another note I have been working on my Autumn Fay, I have sculpted her tree base and made her under armature, mine is a more intricate verson of Patricia Rose's under armature, I like having a bit more freedom.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Nightswood Organza Wings

So many things to do.. and so little time..
.. wings... website... blog... dolls... bookkeeping.. cleaning.. cooking.. and all sorts of family business..

I have been playing around with a new style of wings.  I love my Silk wings, but they can be so fiddly to make, and so time consuming. So I began to play around with some Organza fabric and ended up with (as far as I am concerned) an absolutely stunning pair of wings.

Sheer, so very fine, delicate and graceful. This is what I have wanted from the very beginning and it has been right under my nose the whole time.

Almost a month ago now, I mentioned that I was having a go at making dragon / bat wings.  I didn't want flat wings, like the ones made from transparent film that looked good but dont sit properly.  I wanted wings that you could wrap around an art doll, bend the way they are ment to, bring life to the sculpt, not sit there like.. well.. cut out wings.  I know some people like that sort of stuff, but not me.  I will always make the 'sitff' transparent film wings that most people seem to love.. but this, this is what I love, these are the wings for me.

 Nine sets of wings are up on ebay. I think I went a little overboard, I know two little pixies who think so, well pixie heads, I have yet to sculpt the rest of them, but that is tomorrows job.

X large Art Doll Wings. A little while ago I was contacted about making a custom pair of large wings.  I made two up for the customer to chose from and this is the pair I have left. About 20cm from one end to the other.


Friday, April 15, 2011

A maddening past few weeks..

For the past few weeks at Nightswood, an  individual in the UK has been taking the photos of my OOAK wings I have on my website/blog, and then selling printed out copies of my copyrighted work on ebay. They have tried to disguise the wings by adding a feather and cutting away the embellishments I had added, but you could quite clearly see my original wing underneath.

Due to this, my Wing Gallery on my website has been removed and will not be returning, instead there will only be a few wings up to give example of my work.
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