Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Dancing Flame

About two months ago I was out shopping with my mother and we came across two lovely lanterns, one a dark tarnished brown colour and the other a painted white, both of us thought of my art dolls and how beautiful they would look inside the lanterns.

I decided on a fire fairy for the dark lantern and a sort of serene off-white rose fairy for the white lantern.

I started work on my Fire Fay the other day, she is coming along quite well. She will be a poseable art doll, about 7 inches tall, with largish silk wings. She will be going inside the dark tarnished brown lantern.

She is in the oven now for her final baking, I had to add extra to her upper arms to bring them down further for the dress I have decided to make for her ( this moment anyway) will show more of her arms and chest.


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