Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Dancing Flame - Summer 2010

For the past few days..weeks even, it has felt more like Winter then Summer.  We have gotten maybe 1-2 days of Summer then we plunge straight back into Winter weather again.  My little fire Fay was to be a spark, some warmth in all this cold weather, little did I realize just how much warmth.

Dancing Flame has turned out to be my first fairy of the season for Summer 2010. With all this cold weather  I had not expected to see her till early next year... She, it seems had other plans.  All she is waiting for now is her plaque and she will be finished.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Dancing Flame

About two months ago I was out shopping with my mother and we came across two lovely lanterns, one a dark tarnished brown colour and the other a painted white, both of us thought of my art dolls and how beautiful they would look inside the lanterns.

I decided on a fire fairy for the dark lantern and a sort of serene off-white rose fairy for the white lantern.

I started work on my Fire Fay the other day, she is coming along quite well. She will be a poseable art doll, about 7 inches tall, with largish silk wings. She will be going inside the dark tarnished brown lantern.

She is in the oven now for her final baking, I had to add extra to her upper arms to bring them down further for the dress I have decided to make for her (...at this moment anyway) will show more of her arms and chest.


The Shadows of Nightswood

As promised my goon Boggut. A rather unfriendly looking fella, he is my first art doll from the shadow of Nightswood. He was a gift to a family friend, someone who has always been there whenever there was a need for advice or just a laugh.

Boggut stand alone guarding the overgrown and twisted path that winds its way into the shadows of Nightswood.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

New wings + Silk wings!!

I have spent the past week devoted to creating silk wings, and by creating I mean figuring out how on earth to make them!!  It has been a quite an interesting process, alot of trial and error. In the end they worked out quite well. Far better then I had hoped.

I have seen some lovely silk wings on the net but they were all to 'thick' looking for me.  I wanted my silk wings to be very fine, delicate and above all transparent!! A fine whisper of a wing.

I have also been playing around with wire and making some crowns to go with my wings, very frustrating at times, I don't even want to know how many beads I have lost to the floor!! I swear they have a mind of their own.

On another note I have finished a new Art Doll, he is to be a gift to a family friend. He is a Goon and is quite unfriendly looking. The very first doll from the darker side of Nightswood, will post a pick of him once he has arrived at his new home.

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