Saturday, October 23, 2010

A fairy for the seasons ~ Spring Part 1

The garden is filled with flowers and the sent of spring is in the air, and within my studio a tiny spring Fay comes to life..

For this little fay I am using Prosculpt Light, I normally use Puppen Fimo Porcelain mixed with various coloured Fimo when I am working because it is familiar, and I have noticed that my hands are heating up as I workThe new clay worked out quite well, it is very smooth, blended beautifully, but just a bit to soft for my hands.

A Sleeping Spring Fay.

After sculpting her head, body, upper arms and legs she was baked, I left her to cool for the night and finished sculpting her hands and feet this morning.  I have a pair of pale green wings that I made up for a tutorial on Cloth Wings that are just perfect for her..

More to come..


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