Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Baggleroot Brothers Part 1

The Baggleroot Brothers are three mischievous little treeroot pixies who love to jump and play, run over and around other pixies, liberate sweets and generally get into everything around them.

For the past week I have had these little pixies running and jumping around in my head, driving me crazy... Yesterday was the day I would begin to 'remove' them and hopefully get a little peace.

Grovedill Fallan

I sculpted this doll for the Golden Plains Art Exhibition, a treeroot pixie with his fingers in his ears and pocking his tongue out, I just love the way he looks, mischievous and cheeky, it was the type of personality I wanted for my Baggleroot Brothers just a little bit more naughty and troublesome.  

Since these little ones are brothers I wanted them all to be around the same hight and have similar features, so i decided to sculpt all three at the same time.  I tried to keep them similar but different I wanted them to be unique in their own right.  I choose to use a pinkish clay for their tongues, when I made Grovedill I sculpted it out of the same clay I used to make his head and hands and painted it pink at the end.

A kind of 'evolution' of my hands. No sculpted feet for these little ones I want them to have little leather shoes (which they need since they do so much running around).

All Baked, their little pink tongues came out better then I had hoped.  I'm off to start the painting and costuming...


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