Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Transparent Film Wings

My new transparent wings, I love how they turned out.  The printed ivy background adds to the depth of these wings, so much so that I will be making a lot more wings in this way.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some more wings

Four new wings, all a little bit different. The last one comes in two sets, top and bottom which can be changed around and turned upside-down to create multiple different styles.

One more to come, it is different from the others, hopefully it will turn out well, it is currently curing … well the glue is anyway.


Monday, October 25, 2010

A fairy for the seasons ~ Spring Finished

I had her name plaque made up today, it is now attached and My First Spring Fairy is now finished!!

From now on every Season will have a 'First Fairy' together with a name plaque and followed by other fay for that season.


Sunday, October 24, 2010


I was at the Colac Otway Wood Design Exhibition (presented by Colac Woodturners & Woodcrafters Guild Inc in conjunction with Karacsay Furnishings) this afternoon and came across these beautiful wooden mushrooms in a display cabinet, I was very lucky to meet the crafter and even luckier to take all the mushrooms home with me. They are all one of a kind and handcrafted, so they are just perfect for my little dolls to sit/stand on (or under).

OOAK One of a Kind Mushrooms By Vern Landy

OOAK One of a Kind Mushrooms By Vern Landy

Best of all, he will be making more mushrooms for me and my Art Dolls!!!


A fairy for the seasons ~ Spring Part 2

My Spring Fay is full of firsts, I have used dry chalks to blush her in place of paints, I have used them in the past to add colour to my mini fruit and mushrooms but never thought to use them on my dolls. It gives a much softer appearances and I think I will be using them more in the future.
She is also my first doll to have ‘real’ eyelashes, this was a bit challenging at first, the last thing I wanted to do was make a mistake and ruin her… but in the end it turned out better then I had expected. Eyelashes are not on my to-do list for future Fays.

The epoxy glue I used on her wings is now set, and she has just been affixed to her stand. All I need now is to get a name plaque made up for her and she will be finished.

 A Fairy for the Seasons 
Spring 2010
By Ksheyna Nightswood


Saturday, October 23, 2010

A fairy for the seasons ~ Spring Part 1

The garden is filled with flowers and the sent of spring is in the air, and within my studio a tiny spring Fay comes to life..

For this little fay I am using Prosculpt Light, I normally use Puppen Fimo Porcelain mixed with various coloured Fimo when I am working because it is familiar, and I have noticed that my hands are heating up as I workThe new clay worked out quite well, it is very smooth, blended beautifully, but just a bit to soft for my hands.

A Sleeping Spring Fay.

After sculpting her head, body, upper arms and legs she was baked, I left her to cool for the night and finished sculpting her hands and feet this morning.  I have a pair of pale green wings that I made up for a tutorial on Cloth Wings that are just perfect for her..

More to come..


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Baggleroot Brothers Part 2

Baggleroot Brothers
Two hours of painting, two days worth of costuming and they are done. They came out quite well...

Peace at last..

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Baggleroot Brothers Part 1

The Baggleroot Brothers are three mischievous little treeroot pixies who love to jump and play, run over and around other pixies, liberate sweets and generally get into everything around them.

For the past week I have had these little pixies running and jumping around in my head, driving me crazy... Yesterday was the day I would begin to 'remove' them and hopefully get a little peace.

Grovedill Fallan

I sculpted this doll for the Golden Plains Art Exhibition, a treeroot pixie with his fingers in his ears and pocking his tongue out, I just love the way he looks, mischievous and cheeky, it was the type of personality I wanted for my Baggleroot Brothers just a little bit more naughty and troublesome.  

Since these little ones are brothers I wanted them all to be around the same hight and have similar features, so i decided to sculpt all three at the same time.  I tried to keep them similar but different I wanted them to be unique in their own right.  I choose to use a pinkish clay for their tongues, when I made Grovedill I sculpted it out of the same clay I used to make his head and hands and painted it pink at the end.

A kind of 'evolution' of my hands. No sculpted feet for these little ones I want them to have little leather shoes (which they need since they do so much running around).

All Baked, their little pink tongues came out better then I had hoped.  I'm off to start the painting and costuming...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

And more wings..

My last 2 wings for a little while, need to start work on my little ones.


Friday, October 8, 2010

3 New Wings

New fantasy wings up on ebay today.  Finished them off late this afternoon, got 2 more to finish then I think I will take a break from wing making to make some more little dolls.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Mermaid - Part 2

Finished her off late last night.  I am pretty happy with how her tail turned out, might sculpt it in a different way next time just to make it go a bit smother.  Maybe sculpt and bake the fins first so they hold their shape.


Monday, October 4, 2010

First Mermaid - Part 1

I finally got some time to sit down and start work on my mermaid. 

I have seen some extremely beautiful mermaid art dolls around and they have inspired me to have a go at creating my own.

I don't normally sculpt the whole body when I make my dolls, I like having the freedom to move their limbs around and to change their pose during and after they are finished. So this one was a new challenge for me.

Sculpting the tail was alot more enjoyable then I thought it would be.  I have left a gap at the end and am planning on adding film fins to finish it off (and if that dosn't work then another set of polymer fins in a lighter colour) 

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