Monday, September 27, 2010

Finishing Bambleroot

Back to work on my little Bambleroot.
His limbs have been glued into place, then wiped down with some acetone to clean them.  Then he is painted. For this little one I have used acrylic paints.

Once the paint is dry he is wraped with polyfill and costumed. I love to use earthy tones like browns and greens on my treeroot pixies, I have several boxes in my workroom just filled with bits of material to play with, the suede like fabric on this pixie is one of my favourites.

He is wigged using offcuts of the fur i used on his back, then given a bit of a hair/fur cut to tidy him up.  He is posed and the book i made for him is then glued into his hands.

A little gloss lacquer on his eyes and nails and he is finished!

Pimpen Tam Bambleroot
By Ksheyna Nightswood


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