Saturday, September 25, 2010


As I was getting ready to start my new doll, I saw my little Bambleroot pixie sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be completed.  So I desided to get him finished before I started my first mermaid art doll.

I had already sculpted his head several days ago, so all I had to do was give it a few touch-ups and  it was done.

Sculpting hands is one of my favourite things, from my large fairies down to my tiny pixies.  They turned out quite well, as I was sculpting them I decided to have him sitting and holding an open book on his lap.

 Such large feet for such a tiny pixie, just need to stamp them then they are done!

The little book was fun to make, this would be the first open book i have made.  I cut some paper and made 5 signatures and glued them together added a ribbon and then glued the pages into a clay book cover then baked. 

 The first one turned out to big for the little guy...... so i had to make another one...

He is all baked now and ready to be painted, he is starting to come together very nicely.  I will start the painting and costuming tomorrow, till then...


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